“We know how tenants think. Whether developing or buying assets, we know what they need – this is our key to success with Walmart and other clients.”

John Blumberg, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

We’re deeply invested in real estate.

At Black Creek Group, we invest in real estate from the ground up, building by building, scrutinizing and managing every aspect of every investment and seeking to create value for our shareholders.

For more than 25 years, Black Creek’s investment professionals have developed, acquired, operated, financed and sold commercial and residential real estate in the United States and Mexico through our wide range of investments, all of which capitalize on our experience as real estate developers.


Operating history
Historic Development and Acquisition Volume of
More Than 300 Employees Across North America
Senior Executives Experience
Vertically Integrated
Areas of Expertise

Our Difference

The strengths that make Black Creek unique also set us apart from the competition. We intentionally avoid the capital allocator model and the extensive distance it puts between investors and their investments. Instead, we take a rigorous, hands-on approach that requires proximity to our real estate investments to the benefit of our investors.

Unparalleled Real Estate Expertise
Real Estate Operators with Development Expertise
A Disciplined and Repeatable Investment Process
A Nimble Boutique With An Institutional Infrastructure

1 As of September 30, 2017. $17.7B in historic development and acquisition volume represents the total cost of real estate projects and loans secured by real estate acquired and / or developed by Black Creek Group, its affiliates and its direct and indirect owners, including John Blumberg, James Mulvihill and Evan Zucker, from inception through September 30, 2017.